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Putting God First in Your Life

Sunday, October 2nd, 2005

October 2, 2005

27th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Is 5: 1-7; Phil 4: 6-9; Mt 21: 33-43

Dc. Larry Brockman

Life is just one great big blur. There’s barely enough time to get done what you have to do, and precious little time to do anything else. You don’t even have the time to think about what you’d like to do.

But, the things that you do have time to do- your job, going to school, taking care of the children – whatever those things may be. Are they the real purpose of your life? Ah, but they are all so necessary. You’ve just got to do them- they are your responsibility.

Well do you feel that they are fruitful? Or do they bear the same as wild grapes- growing every which way, choked by thorns and weeds and other distractions.

God is telling you that he’s looking for you to bear good fruit. He doesn’t want a vine growing wild with activity that isn’t productive.

God made each of you special. You have unique personalities, gifts, and capabilities. He has planted you where he wants you, with a purpose and with a mission. He’s given you a real life. And he has also provided the right environment for you to be productive in that life.

But Life is not meant to be easy. Life is a challenge- it’s a challenge to be productive. God will provide you with insight you need to be productive if you will let him. For example, honor, justice, purity, beauty, excellence, and graciousness are a few a few things mentioned today that can help you to grow and be productive. You need to let these virtues work through you.  And that means you may have to slow down a little- or at least, force yourselves to pause, reflect, and pray on what your real purpose in life is to see how these virtues can help you to be productive in the way God intends.

Believe it or not, your real purpose in life is not your job, going to school, or raising a family. These things may all be important parts of your life. They may be an essential part of how your life can be fruitful. But they are not your real purpose in life.

You are here today because you all recognize that God is an important part of your life. You come here to worship God.  You all recognize that he is all powerful, and holds the key for your well being- now and for eternity. So, you are here to pray to him, to ask him to bless your lives in whatever your situation is. You may even be taking some time here to reflect on how He can help you to apply those virtues that Paul mentioned.

But, it’s not good enough that you honor God just this one hour each week. He can’t be the driving force behind your life if that’s all the time you give him. He can’t inspire you with the answers you are looking for in just one hour a week.

But if you can slow down, just a little bit, and pray and thank God for all that you have. In other words, give Him a chance to be a regular part of your life- then you can put him in the center of your life.

Here’s how you find the time. Society has “sold” all of you on making time for something that wasn’t a part of your life. For example, many people have made time for exercise.  Likewise, if you want to get ahead on the job, you find time to go the extra bit- take a class, or get involved in some outside activity. Some of you feel strongly about an issue, like the right to life, and will participate in the life link today outside of the Church.

So, it can be done- you can find the time, and it doesn’t have to be lots of time- just more time, and frequently enough that God is your constant partner. It takes discipline to do that, but it’s well worth it.

For example, our wonderful Pastor suggests rolling out of bed each morning, and saying, what? “This is the Day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be Glad”. It’s called morning prayer- and it takes discipline.

But if you start and end the day by thanking God and inviting Him to be part of your day- He will inspire you.  He will answer your prayer. The important thing is that if you make more time for God, then He will be there for you. You do that for your friends- make time for them. Well, if you want Jesus to be your friend- now and in eternity- then get familiar with Him. Make him a special friend.

Henry Van Dyke once said:

“A friend indeed is what I mean to be.

In times of trouble I will come to you.

And in the hour of need, you’ll find me true”.

That’s God he was speaking of.