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Honoring Who Really Matters!

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016


Col 3: 16

Dc. Larry Brockman

Well, it’s all over! This terrible, contentious election is over in the state of Florida, and in a few hours, for the whole country. It has sapped us of our energy for months because all of us are concerned. Our choice was between two people who have too many faults each.

Tonight, we gather to pray for our country before the one person who matters the most- Jesus Christ. We are here to adore him, to praise him, and to ask him to bless the person chosen for office with wisdom and zeal for doing God’s will for all of our people.   And we are also here to thank Him. Yes, thank Him. We need to thank Jesus for so many things- First, the wonderful country that we have all been blessed to be live in; second, for the faith that we all have as Catholics; and third, for the opportunity to show that faith no matter what happens today.

Indeed, we will have more opportunities in the future to show our faith than in hundreds of years because many of our elected officials support attacks on our Faith and Religion. They support gay marriage, abortion, and euthanasia; they support “vested interests”, corruption, and various forms of discrimination. And so, unlike generations of Americans before us who were once protected from Religious discrimination by our government, we will be put to the test. We will need to stand up and be strong when our own government persecutes us. And that is a huge opportunity.

But most of all, we need to be joyful tonight because we all know that we are God’s children; and that no matter what our leaders do, nobody can take that away from us.

And so, let us rejoice together in Jesus Christ in psalms and songs knowing that we who are strong in our faith are destined for the Kingdom of God because Jesus Christ will ultimately prevail. No secular power, law, or movement can take that away from us. Amen