1Jn 3: 1-3

Dc. Larry Brockman

We are all gathered here tonight to adore Jesus and pray to him in unity. And it is when we are unified that we please God the most.

God is a social God, three persons in one God. And in a mysterious and incomprehensible way, those three persons share the one Godhead.  Within the limitations of our human understanding, just how is that even possible?

It is only possible through Love.  Mutual Love binds the three persons together. After all, God is love.

Now although we are praying in unity tonight, all of us are unique creations of the one God and are made in His image and likeness. That means we have our own diverse talents, perspectives, and understandings. But if we can come together in unity, to pray to God as a single voice, that would be most pleasing to our God. and to do it most effectively, all of us should be motivated by true love, love for God and his gifts to us, and love for each other.

We haven’t talked about it, but likely all of us are here to pray in hope for our future. In just 10 days, a government takes over. So, let us all pray together in unity in hope, and In a spirit of love of country and each other, that this new government will be moved by the Spirit of God to follow the will of God for us as a nation to do what is right before God, for each and every one of us.


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