The Cost Paid for Our Redemption

Palm Sunday

Mt 21:1-11; Is 50:4-7; Phil 2:6-11; Matthew 27:11:54

Dc. Larry Brockman


Everyone who studies the evidence left behind agrees.  For example, the evidence left on the shroud shows that the person wrapped in it endured an unbelievable beating; and the historical records on Roman crucifixion indicate that it was purposely designed to be extremely painful.  Everyone that studies this evidence knows that Jesus’ Passion and Death were just absolutely horrific.   

In fact, it was painful mentally and spiritually as well as physically for Jesus from beginning to end.  He knew ahead of time what was going to happen and prayed that he be spared the ordeal.   His friends fell asleep when he needed them the most and then they abandoned him; He was betrayed for money by one of them; and was denied by another.  The trial was an insult and a mockery; and the flogging was debilitating and extremely painful.  The crucifixion was horrific, designed to humiliate and create the most severe pain and suffering possible.  And this ordeal went on and on and on for hours.   

All of this was dramatized so convincingly in the film the “Passion of Christ”.  It was done so well that it is hard to watch the film because it is so graphic; it makes us squirm.  But we need to be reminded of the pain and suffering.  God loves us so much that he was willing to send His only Son to be one of us and to redeem us by following His will; and His will was that Jesus suffer and die for telling the truth about God and how mankind can be saved for eternal life.   

Eternal life- that should be our goal in life.  But the devil works on us constantly to divert our attention, to focus on ourselves, pleasure, and things of this world so that before we know it, our lives are over and we are not really worthy of the Kingdom of God.   

This week is Holy Week.  It is the perfect time to stop, get off the fast moving train that is focused on our earthly lives, and focus on the real meaning of life.  Jesus suffered and died to atone for your sins.  Yes, every crack of the whip, every blow to the nails, every breath taken in agony on the cross, all that suffering was caused by you and I as much as anyone because all of us have sinned, and have put ourselves first, not God and His will.   

Jesus suffered and died to redeem each one of us.  So that we could merit eternal life.  And so, we need to reflect on his message.  We need to take up our own crosses and endure whatever suffering that entails in order to follow God’s will for us.  And although our sufferings are real- sickness, problems in our relationships, age, economic and on and on; they pale by comparison with what we heard just now that Jesus endured.  So we can do it.   

Jesus saved us for something absolutely marvelous-  an eternal life in His kingdom following our death. 

In just a week, we will celebrate Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus and everlasting life.  We celebrate Easter because Jesus promised all of us the same Resurrection and everlasting life.  If you believe in Him, repent, and follow him, know that you will not be put to shame.  Rather, your reward will be great in Heaven. 


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