Following After Philip

Thursday of 3rd Week of Easter

Acts 8: 26-40; John 6: 44-51

By Deacon Larry Brockman


How are you folks doing with your Easter Duty?  What is my Easter Duty, you say?


Well, during Easter we celebrate the fact that Jesus forever changed the world.  When Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to His apostles, He fulfilled an ancient covenant to “save” us.  And that’s what our joy is supposed to be all about.  We are celebrating an “aha” experience like none other.  We have been saved. And those who repent and believe have been guaranteed eternal life.  And so we say Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!  And Amen, because, Jesus the Christ rose from the dead, and proved that he was in a resurrected state with a resurrected body to witnesses.  Our Gospel readings the last several Sundays have been all about that.  You have been witnesses to all of that!  And you should be feeling the Easter joy- Amen and Alleluia! 


Now, are we going to just bask in this good news of Easter for the 50 days of Easter,   And then move on to the long hot summer, or what? 


If you recall Jesus parting words to His disciples on Easter, He tells us that he wants us to spread the good news of the Gospel.  You and I are the modern day disciples, and because we have been witnesses to Jesus’ words, our Easter duty is also to evangelize, to spread the word, the Good News to all by being witnesses of all Jesus said and did.


Now Jesus tells us in the Gospel today that the only way to God the Father is through Him.  And so, God is revealing to us gradually how we are to act on our Easter Joy.  First, we have to recognize and really believe in the Resurrection and eternal life.   Second, we have to understand we are being called upon to spread that Good news- to evangelize.  And finally, we need to listen to God calling us and act on it.   Because unless we listen, and let God’s word and spirit live in our hearts, we cannot get to the Father.   And the way God knows you are listening is if you act on God’s inspiration within you by evangelizing.  


Philip’s story is a great lesson for all of us on what evangelizing is all about.  First and foremost, Philip believed.  He was there to put his finger in the holes in Jesus hands and side and feet; and he was there to see Jesus eat a piece of baked fish.  And so, Philip believed.  Philip demonstrated his belief in his zeal and enthusiasm. 

Second, Philip took to heart the mission to evangelize.  That’s why he was on that chariot.  And lastly, Philip recognized the call- he heard the Eunuch’s appeal, and he spoke up!  Yes- he spoke up on behalf of Jesus- he didn’t hold it in. 


Because we have heard the Good News of the Gospel, we have chosen to believe.  We shouldn’t be just casual believers, but enthusiastic believers.  So, do we show our Easter joy like Philip did?  Because, that joy can be infectious to those who don’t believe.  And are we listening to God as we pray, listening to that small still voice inside of us?  That little voice can give us little urgings to do something, or even just to say something when the situation arises, something that helps us to spread the good news.


We don’t necessarily know why God has placed us at a specific place at a specific time.  But God knows.  And any place and any time can be the right place and the right time for us to evangelize from God’s perspective.  Yes, we are called to share our joy as Christians continuously, to spread the Good News, the Gospel; to evangelize in word and deed.  All of us have an Easter Duty.


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