God is With Us

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Romans 8: 28-30; Mt 1: 18-23

Dc. Larry Brockman


Yes, indeed- God is with us!  And what should be so very special to us is what that means.  You see, the incarnation- the fact that Jesus, consubstantial with the Father for all time, was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and became man, is unique to Christianity, and offers us all tremendous hope.  God literally sent Himself, through His son, to be with us- that’s what Jesus’ name means, God is with us.  And so, we have the first hand example of how we should behave so that we are pleasing to God- we need just behave as Jesus did.  Because we can be sure that Jesus, true God and true man, is the ideal role model.


Now we also know that it is possible to be righteous in God’s eyes because Jesus’ mother Mary did not sin.  That is why God chose her to bear His son Jesus.  So, if Mary can live a virtuous life, then theoretically, so could all of us.


You know, I have 4 children and 9 Grandchildren.  And I think sometimes about how much influence I have had as a parent, and continue to have as a Grandparent on my Children and Grandchildren.  It is a very sobering thought.  Because when we become Parents and Grandparents, we are directly responsible for the way our innocent Children and Grandchildren first learn about life.  They absorb everything we say and do; and they emulate what we say and do.  Our presence is essential for their well-being and their learning. 


Jesus’ mother, whose birth we celebrate today, had that kind of influence on Jesus.  She taught Him everything about how to live as a human- all the same things that we have to teach our children.  Clearly, Mary’s role in the life of Jesus was critical in that sense.  But even more to the point, think of the awesome responsibility that was.  Well, it is the same way for all of us- an awesome responsibility.  


And yet the life of Jesus and the Gospel that tells His story should give us all hope.  And that hope is summarized in today’s first reading.  If we can, as St. Paul puts it, love God as Jesus shows us in the Gospel and do His will, that is, live according to His purpose as Jesus did; then we are foreknown and predestined to be in the image of His son.  Our hope is that we have heard His call and responded to it.  We are called to a career, to a relationship; and to use certain talents; but in addition, for many of us- indeed most of us, we are called to raise a family.   Our hope is that by living our calls to do God’s will according to the Gospel, we can know that we have been justified by Jesus.  So that when we die, we will be Glorified in the Kingdom of God. 

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