Lavour Miles Vigil

Rv 14:13; Jn 12: 23-28

Deacon Larry Brockman

“Their works accompany them.”  If ever there was a man whose works will accompany him, it was Lavour.

Lavour’s life was full of challenges- and he met them all with gusto.  A convert- Lavour chose his faith very carefully and lived it to the fullest.  A Veteran; a hard and dedicated worker who survived Asbestos exposure and fallout from A bombs;  a man who lived his Christian marriage for 65 years, including raising two wonderful daughters who are holding firm to the faith; and a man who suffered greatly from a fall earlier, and now his final bout with Cancer.   

Despite all of that, Lavour was a person who gave back over and over again.  Lavour was the head of the Respect Life Ministry at Holy Family for many years.  That’s where my wife Jane and I met Shirley and Lavour.  And in the last decade, despite failing health,  Lavour and Shirley continued to thirst for growth spiritually at a time in life when most folks are content to just relax.  I was honored that they attended so many of the Bible Studies I conducted.   

Truly, Lavour has found rest from his labors now, and no one can take that from him.  As Jesus implied in the Gospel, those who follow Him faithfully as Lavour did, will be glorified as Jesus was glorified.  For Lavour found the purpose for which he came into the world.  It was his Christian witness, and it was all of you- he was a dedicated Christian man who loved his family and gave them sterling Christian witness right up until the end.     

Shirley, I especially feel the pain of your loss, because I suffered the loss of my soulmate as well.  But it is only a temporary separation for all of us.  Some day, and it is soon in the perspective of eternity, all of us will be reunited with Lavour,  where all of us who serve the Father will be honored.   

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